Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Check the ticker at the top of the blog - Jedidiah and Jack are 10 months old today! Praise God that He has kept them healthy and growing! Speaking of growing, here's the update:
Jed (below) now has two bottom

teeth erupting. It's hard to tell if this is causing him to be fussy, since he's usually feisty and a real mover and shaker. He loves playing with rattling toys, and even wants to take one with him when he naps. And when he hits himself in the face with it, he lets you know. He doesn't care to nurse anymore, and with the teeth coming in, there's no objection from Mommy.
Jack (upper right) is more easy going than Jed. Jack will smile every time you make eye contact with him. I think his "ba-bas" might mean "Mama." I've heard him saying it over and over when he can't see me then he stops when I show up. We'll see - if these boys are like their mom they'll be talkers for sure! We think Jack might be left handed, just like his two grandmothers (Nana and Lola), and his Uncle Louie. He seems to favor his left hand whenever he reaches or grabs for things.

God is so good - I must admit the days are more manageable than before. I attended a Women's Ministry conference at church last Saturday for the entire day, and Justin took care of the 4. After that, Justin stated that he no longer thinks that my day is exponentially harder than his work day like it used to be. So I told him I have no problem leaving him with all the boys more often.

Desperate Housewife

Confessions Part II
I love sweets. I love desserts. I really love chocolate. I love sweet chocolate desserts. It's the end of the month and NONE of those are to be found in the house. Well, there are chocolate chips, but after weeks of surviving on that for dessert, it got a bit old. AND too much chocolate makes my skin break out.

Problem: Need sugar. Now. Don't want chocolate chips. Face doesn't want chocolate chips.
Solution: Leftover holiday frosting in the fridge. It's green (it's supposed to be!). It's sweet. It's now gone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jonah is 6!

6 years ago, I was due to give birth to my first child. 6 years and 13 days ago, he was actually born. Jonah came almost 2 weeks early, on January 2, 2002. I love telling the story:
On January 1, 2002, my brother and sister-in-law (also pregnant at the time with their daughter) came over to watch "Best in Show". We ate Mexican food then went to Baskin Robbins for a Cappuccino Blast (decaf, of course. I'm lactose intolerant so the results of this dessert is an entirely different story), then back to our house to watch the movie. My brother and sister-in-law didn't leave too late, but I remember telling them on their way out "I'm probably going to be late in delivering this baby." So, about 3 hours later, my water breaks! Hello! I had time to take a shower while Justin paced up and down the hallway doing absolutely nothing. We arrived at the hospital to find that I was already 7cm dilated! Yes! I decided against getting an epidural, and other than Justin's finger in my face telling me to "blow the candle", and him warning me when the next contraction was coming, everything was fine. After 3 hours of labor, out came our firstborn. He has since set the bar very high: he slept through the night at 11 weeks, was a very good eater, and, to this day, he is an even-tempered and obedient child. I suppose there was no where to go from there but, well, down... OK, OK, our other sons are healthy and well-behaved - I shouldn't compare our children to one another. Hence, we had three more since Jonah. I'm done. Done, done, done.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Little Angel

On December 23, 2007, Jonah participated in the Children's Christmas Choir at church. I found out that they had to dress like angels. Jonah's response: "But angels aren't BOYS, they're GIRLS!" Shows how much he remembered from our "Gabriel visits Mary to tell her she's going to give birth to Jesus" bible study. So what does he do? He chooses to wear the halo with the feathers on it. The feathers. Just when I thought I had him figured out.