Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Don't be alarmed - yes, it's a real live blog update from the Riggs Family. Yes, we've neglected blogging for quite some time and have probably lost a few fans, but you must understand how busy it's been! Here's a quick update on what's been happening the past few months:

Jack and Jedidiah have started occupational therapy once a week, infant stimulation (one-on-one play) twice a week, and Jack has physical therapy once a week. We started our homeschooling the last week of August - Jonah in 2nd grade and James in pre-K/K. From when we awake to when we sleep, we must juggle the needs of each child and prioritize who needs what and when. Oh, and we have to eat and nap (except for mommy) throughout the day, too. On Thursdays we meet with our homeschooling group and have "school," where the kids are put into classes according their grades and the moms teach various subjects - I teach science to the 3rd-8th graders. Wednesday is the only day of the week when we have nothing other than school scheduled - hence my hurried attempt to catch up on this blog.

My temper is short and my desire is not to be a complainer (1Tim 6:6), but right how I have two babies whining for my attention, a 6 year old begging for breakfast and a 4 year old trying to climb into my lap. I pray that the Lord continues to reveal to me all the blessings around me, and that what I seek is His glory and not just another cup of coffee.