Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Girls' Night Out

Yay! I got out! I met up with my old (meaning "previous", not "aged") college roommates last Sunday for a little shopping and a LOT of talking. We had dinner at a place called The Sundried Tomato in San Juan Capistrano - the perfect location, since it's halfway between West Covina and South San Diego. Even though we're spread out in SoCal, we still manage to meet at least twice a year. From the left:
Cecilia - So festive in her green blouse, she is currently "between jobs" and searching for something in marketing. That means "very qualified" if your company is hiring.
Me - Finally, a reason to shower and put on makeup.
Rachel - Stay at home mother of 2, we have lots of mommy stuff in common without even having to say "spit up".
Caris - World traveler and missionary, if you need to have something translated to or from Chinese, give her a ring (or "ling", in Chinese).
Denise - The beaming newlywed, she hosted Thanksgiving with her in-laws and cooked her first turkey. There should be a "Congratulations" card for that...!
And the one roommate missing is Maisie, whose job at Frito Lay in Dallas has us all anticipating her return visit for the holidays with gifts of every kind of potato chip you can imagine.

After being friends for around 15 years (and surviving living together), I cherish the friendship I have with my roommates. They are blessings to me! Merry Christmas, ladies! Long live Old People's Crazies! ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Check "Mii" Out

So we got a Wii in mid-October and everyone in this house over the age of 3 has been playing it and enjoying it practically everyday. For those of you unfamiliar with the sports games, the Wii keeps track of your skill level each time you play. I know that I complain a lot about how busy my day is, but today I decided to jump in on all the fun Jonah and James were having after lunch. I hogged the game and played tennis for half an hour.

There are lots of things I'm proud of as a stay-at-home mom: Jonah is reading at almost a 2nd grade level, James knows his alphabet and all his letter sounds, the twins are healthy at 8 months old and my husband is a godly and faithful husband and teacher. But today, just today, all that pales in comparison to what I've achieved. I'm officially at PRO level in tennis on the Wii with a skill level of 1074.

So don't be jealous of the fact that sometimes I get to sleep in, or stay in my pajamas all day. Be jealous of my tennis skillz!! ACES!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Video of the Week

Apologies for any offensive videos from the last "Video of the Week". It was only supposed to be clips from "The Facts of Life", but I think there may have been other videos that were, let's just say, of another orientation. Sorry. Check out this week's video, though. Makes me glad I minored in Spanish Literature in college becuase I can understand everything this guy says. As they say in Jerry McGuire, "You had me at 'Hola'".

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Bedtime is now a circus. I usually put one of the twins to bed while Justin holds the other twin while putting Jonah and James to bed. Then I get the twin from Justin and put him to bed. Then I go into Jonah and James's room to say goodnight to them. Tonight's conversation:

Me: Goodnight, James.
James: Mama, why did the mouse throw the acorn down to the grass?
Me: What?
James: Why did the mouse throw the acorn down to the grass?
Me: Did you see this in a book?
James: No, on TV. Why did the mouse throw the acorn down to the grass?
Me: Why?
James: 'Cause that's why he's short!
Me: ??????????????????