Friday, August 8, 2008

Jonah into the "Arts"

Jonah is a child with many gifts. He loves to draw, sing and plays a mean game of Dodgeball on the Wii. A couple years ago he tried to play soccer but was more interested in his shadow than the actual goal of scoring on the opponent. Over time Josephine and I have tried to steer him in certain directions to build on his strengths. This summer he attended a couple art classes at Thematic Attic and loved them (especially the snacks). Yet he struggles to grasp the intricacies of swimming (like not drowning) after several lessons. He wants to play the piano and loves riding his bike. So as we continue our search for activities to strengthen his mind and body, we attended a Tae Kwon Do lesson at a local studio. Jonah was interested but not exactly chomping at the bit to sign up.

Well, the Lord has shown us that there are certain experiences Jonah needs. He needs to learn self-control and perseverence (Don't we all!). So Mom and Jonah are returning from his first lesson and he enjoyed it. Yay! or should I say HIYAHH!