Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh, they're fine!

In order to finally post another entry (I know it's been a while), I'm letting Jonah and James run around the house, through the forbidden living room, and allowing Jack and Jed to cry in their baby chairs. Negligence? I think not. Necessary? Yes. That's how I remain sane from day to day. As long as no one's going to get hurt (OK, no guarantee of that with the two older ones dodging doors and each other), I just have to let some things go to have a moment to gather my thoughts or eat or breathe or, in this instance, give an update. Jack and Jed just turned 7 months old - PTL! They love rice cereal, applesauce, peas and carrots (all in pureed form, of course), and they are sleeping through the night! God is so good - His blessings are abundant with four healthy sons and a loving husband, too! Now, if He can only get Rolfe, our 100 lb. German shepherd, to stop eating the fertilizer in the backyard, then life would be REALLY swell. OK, moment over.