Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet Memories

It's been a few months since my last blog entry and I realize it's because, frankly, my life is boring. Busy AND boring, hence the lapse. Then I also realized that I spend a lot of time searching for recipes online and am always interested in other people's food stories. So, I decided to fill in the gaps between exciting bloggable moments in my life (all eight of them) with blogs about my own food adventures. Although some some of these events happened a while ago, one thing about food that never spoils is the experience that goes with it.

Last summer my aunt came to visit from the Philippines. It had been 14 years since we last saw her and 15 years since my mother passed away. Of her 2 month stay in the U.S. she spent a week with me and Justin and the boys. Usually, when relatives come visit from the Phil., they bring gifts called "pasalubong". But she brought with her much more: a pair of extra helping hands, memories and stories of my mom, and a whole lot of baking expertise! She taught me how to make ensaymadas (pic), a Filipino brioche topped with butter and cheese. I had only eaten the ensaymadas they sell at Goldilock's Bakery and Red Ribbon BakeShop, which I think are pretty darn good. But making them from scratch resulted in the best ensaymadas I've ever had! Was it because of the fresh ingredients? Maybe. Or the fact that I made them myself (ok, with help)? Perhaps. But for certain they were made sweeter because of my time to chat and learn and bake with my Tita. Now I've only made these two times, and that was when my aunt was here. But I do have hopes of making them again soon so I can once again participate in the delicious, highly caloric, memory-evoking experience that they are.