Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Child Of Mine

James has recently added a new piece to his wardrobe: the bandanna. He wears it when we play rock songs on the iPod, during meals and when he is just chillin'. Well, we just checked on him and he has fallen asleep with the headband on.

James' similarities to Axel don't stop there. He's also pale, moody and on occasion self-absorbed. But if James ends up making millions and uses some of that money to take care of his parents then long live that bandanna.

Nightmares (x5)

Poor Josephine had to deal with 5 males waking up at different times last night due to nightmares. Jonah and James have night terrors when they don't nap. Jack and Jedidiah are sick and felt obligated to join in. Daddy, the leader of the pack, also woke up shouting something like "WHAT!" in his wife's direction.

When asked about her night last night she replied, "LOVED IT."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jonah Plus One Minus One

For Jonah, this holiday season was one celebration after another. On December 23, we visited his Nana and Papa, so he and his brothers received a gift bag full of the usual toys, books, art supplies, and clothing. On Christmas Day, we spent a nice quiet day at home in our pajamas enjoying the presents we had given to one another. On December 30, we celebrated Christmas with the Lopez family, and experienced a delightful present frenzy, hosted by my brother and sister-in-law. At our family's New Year's Eve party, we had a white elephant gift exchange (from which I walked away with a new CD player). Jonah's birthday is January 2, and on the actual day we had a party, so - you guessed it- more presents. He requested that it be a Guitar Hero party, so he and his titas and uncles and cousins and friends strummed (or toggled?) away to the likes of "Beat It" and "Eye of the Tiger". So now we have a 7 year old son, but the excitement surrounding him doesn't end there...

To celebrate gaining another year, Jonah lost his first baby tooth today. What a symbol of leaving behind his toddler days. An adult tooth had already erupted behind one of the bottom front teeth (may our sons' dentist Dr. Snaer forgive me for not knowing the tooth's official name), so the baby one in front of it has been quite wiggly for the past month. Wouldn't you know it - Justin and I weren't in the dining room with Jonah when he screamed "Mommy! Daddy!". With thoughts of some kind of accident and pictures of a bloody mess in my head, we rounded the corner to find Jonah with a toothless grin and an incisor (THAT'S the word!) in his hand. He was unable to contain his excitement as much as I was unable to contain my relief!

So after one 7 year old's birthday celebration and a baby tooth in his memory book, we're already off to a great start for 2009!